Acoustic Repair

Acoustic repairs: All repairs are done to factory standards or better, with traditional glues and techniques. All prices are for structural repairs and not finish work. Get the job done right the first time, it would suck paying twice.

Reglue Acoustic Bridge : $65-$75

Make Basic Acoustic bridge and glue: $130-$150

Remove & replace Bridge Plate: $80-$160

Cap Worn Plate: $35-$55

Reglue loose fretboard: ~$10 per inch

Reglue loose braces: ~$10 per inch

Cleat and glue cracks: ~$20 per inch

Broken Peghead: ~$75

Broken Peghead w/ backstrap or new plate: ~$165

Cleat Cracks @ Sound hole: $45-$80

Fit new bridge (archtop or mando): ~$45

Martin or Gurian style neck reset: $275-$350

Taylor NT Neck Reset: $50 plus setup

Gibson/Gretsch Neck reset: Call (dependant on year, model etc.)

Re-route saddle slot (to level or deepen): ~$40

Fill and relocate saddle slot for accurate intonation: ~$75

Fill and seal hairline fret board and bridge cracks: $10-$15 per inch

Make & install new pick guard: ~$40