I am experienced in practically all areas of instrument finishing and refinishing. Lacquer thickness is as thin as possible for the job at hand and when handling lacquer removal the least aggressive means possible are employed to insure almost no wood is removed from any instrument. When I say gloss I mean full gloss, not kind of shiny. My first goal is to do no harm.

Strip finish from acoustic: ~$160

Strip finish from bolt-on body: ~$90

Strip finish from neck (Bolt-on): ~$90

Strip finish L.P. or similar neck through: ~$160

Strip Mando (a style): ~$125

Strip Mando (F style: ~$185

Strip Banjo neck: ~$120

Lacquer finish Acoustic guitar (clear coat, full gloss): ~$250

Lacquer finish acoustic guitar (clear coat, Satin): ~$190

Lacquer finish Acoustic Guitar (sun-burst): ~$300

Lacquer finish bolt-on neck (clear, gloss): ~$140

Lacquer finish bolt-on neck (clear, satin): ~$120

Lacquer electric body (clear, gloss): ~$175

Clear coat over signature: Call or email pics

Strip and refinish acoustic top (clear gloss): ~$225

Strip and French polish acoustic or classical top: ~$250

Strip Back of neck and oil finish: ~$135

Flatten gloss finish on back of neck (to improve feel): ~$50

Oil finish electric guitar or bass $150

French Polish Acoustic: ~$275

Electric Refinishing w vintage and custom colors available – call