Quality fretwork can truly make a huge difference in the way an instrument plays and sounds. Worn frets wreak havoc on intonation and limit how low action can be, luckily most can be leveled, crowned and dressed (or polished) a number of times before replacements are necessary. When it is time to replace, a high-quality re-fret can bring life to some of the worst playing instruments. I have done hundreds of re-frets on all kinds of instruments and picked up quite a few specific fretting techniques including compression fretting, traditional hammer-in fretting, Glue in fret jobs, pressed frets, Fender Slide – in frets, stainless steel fretting, Bar fretting, etc. Whether you want to re-fret your vintage les Paul and don’t want to lose those original “nibs”, Replace missing bar frets on your 1918 Martin, or De-fret your Squire P-bass, I’ve got you covered.

Fret dress guitar/bass (level, crown, dress): $45 plus setup

Fret Dress Banjo: $45-$55 plus setup

Dress mando: $30-$45 plus setup

Glue loose fret ends: $10 an end

Trim sharp fret ends & round edges: ~$20

Refret bound neck: $300 (Including new nut)

Refret unbound neck: $250 (including nut)

Refret Maple (finished) board: $350-$400

Refret Gibson style keeping nibs: $350-$400

Bar Fretting/Stainless frets: Call

Replace damaged frets: $20-$30 per fret

Convert Bass to fretless (Wood filled slots): ~$200

Replace or install dot position markers: ~$5-$10 per dot

Replace or install inlays: Call (dependent on shape, complexity, etc.)