Nuts Saddles Pins

Nuts, Saddles and bridge pins have a huge effect on the tone of an instrument. Replacing cheap plastic parts can dramatically improve tuning, sustain and tone of any entry-level instrument and many high-end instruments can be improved significantly in playability and intonation with new, fitted, better –than-original parts. My personal favorite material for nuts and saddles would be bone, though Graphite, Brass, Ivory, Micarta, Mother of Pearl, and others have their specific uses and advantages.

New Nut: $40-$50 plus setup

Martin style angled nut: $50-$60 plus setup

Twelve-string/mando Nut: $55-$65 plus setup

Brass nuts/saddles: $60-$80 plus setup

Mammoth Ivory/ Mother of pearl nuts & saddles: Call

New saddle: $35-$45 plus setup

New Compensated Saddle: $45-$55 plus setup

New compensated split saddle (Lowden, Takamine): $50-$60

Fit new Bridge pins: $15

Replace saddles (electric): $10-$25

Fully compensated (Octave & main stgs.) twelve string saddle: $call

Banjo Nut: ~$40

Banjo Pip (fifth stg. Nut): ~$20

Banjo spikes: $15 1st spike, $5 ea additional spike