This is a partial list of services I offer for fretted instruments. I also work on violin family members, call for prices.

All prices are estimates for Labor (not parts) and may change based on condition, value and age of the instrument.

I try to turn around basic repairs (setups, fretwork) in about a week, if you are in a hurry I can often get stuff done the same day or within 24 hours, but I will need prior notice. Major rebuilds/restorations will be scheduled when estimate is given.

All Repairs are performed to a standard appropriate to the instrument / player at hand, from the six year old with her plastic uke to the sixty year old with his ’39 D-45; and are priced accordingly.

Once again, this List represents a small fraction of the services I provide; if you don’t see it here it doesn’t mean it isn’t available.

Please stop by or call for an accurate estimate on your specific instrument