All setups include tightening & adjusting all hardware (tuners. strap buttons, pots/jacks/switches, bridge and pickup screws) as necessary; adjustment of truss rod; polishing/oiling fret board; general cleaning; restring; adjustment of nut if necc.; setting radius @saddle to match board; setting action, intonating (electric); checking & cleaning of electronics; stretch & polish. Intonation is one of the most important aspects of a good setup and is reliant on all aspects of the setup from the neck curvature to the action to the way strings are tied and seated. If your acoustic is way out of whack it may be necessary to make a new more appropriate saddle or even relocate the saddle on especially funky instruments. I strive to set the guitar to work for you! The more info you can give me up front about your playing style, tunings, string preference, etc. the better the setup will suit you. When you pick up your guitar make sure you play it, I am always happy to tweak action and settings as necessary, even a couple weeks down the road.

Setup Acoustic Guitar: $35-45

Setup Tremolo (bigsby, Floyd, kahler, floating strat): $50-$65

Setup electric (hard tail strat, tele, LP style): $40-50

Setup electric Bass: $40-$50

Setup Acoustic bass: $35-$45

Setup twelve string: $50-$60

Setup Banjo: $35-$55

Setup Mandolin: $40

Setup Ukulele: $25-$40