If it is inside an instrument, I have probably fixed one before. Clean accurate wiring can make a big difference in the sound and dependability of any guitar. Diagnosing issues is free on all but the crankiest of instruments. Having your guitar custom wired can expand available tones hugely and is possible on almost all instruments. Amp repair is not my specialty, however I’d be happy to do basic repairs such as jacks, scratchy pots, tube changes, and diagnosis of problems as needed; remember, I’ll tell you if I can’t do the job right, and can probably recommend someone who can. Stay grounded.

Full rewire (strat or lp style): $50-$65

Full rewire hollow-body (Gretsch/Gibson): $85-$125

Full rewire with shielding: +~$30

Swap individual Pickups: $10-$20 per pickup

Pickup potting: ~$30 per pickup

Acoustic pickup install: $35-$75

Acoustic Pickup Install (with side-mount preamp): ~$150

Replace Jack: ~$15

Replace 3-way, 5-way, mini sw, etc.: ~$20

Install push/full (phase sw., coil tap, etc.): ~$25

Install mini switch (phase, coil tap, kill, 3-way): ~$30

Install aftermarket Synth system: Call (dependant on model)

Install aftermarket piezo on electric: Call